Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lovesssssssss OMG! it’s been literally forever. I can’t believe I have been away from my blog for so long. It baffles me because when I started,  I was determined to be consistent until the end.  However sometimes we plan for things to go in a certain direction,  but what we do not realize is that tomorrow is never ours to plan.

I was in a situation where I needed to get myself in place first before thinking of anything else. I do not advertise falseness, and will not do so on my blog just to meet up with certain fake “standards”. Therefore if my life is not in place, I wouldn’t pretend that it is and brag about it like I have it all. That is not my motive. My motive is to grow wiser and inspire others in a positive way. I don’t have it all. And I do believe that neither of us does. And I know in this modern day’s everything is laid out as “Goals”. The truth is if you could see behind closed doors of everything that you idolize as a “Goal”; I bet you wouldn’t wish to have that goal. You will be surprised that even the richest strive one way or another. They equally don’t have it all. We really all do strive in some way and the truth is, we are just not bold enough to discuss it. And so we hide that aspect of our lives and fake it till we make it. Speaking of having it all, I do believe that the only man that has it all is the guy upstairs. God, the one that looks upon us 24/7. The one that created Heaven and Earth. The one that made the dome and separated the waters to make a path for men to cross over. The richest and perfect man. He is the king of all kings and that’s who you should look up to. So do not envy me, or anyone else for that matter. Envy and strive to become like YOU. Because what we see online, magazines and TV are always not what it seems to be. They are all just empty goals. So be confident in yourself, take care of you and mostly be you.

So let me stop the preaching and get to the update lol. The story is after graduation, it was a bit intricate for me to get a stable job. A job that was related to my field of study. A job that was going to enable me to be financially jelly (you know what I mean lol) while pursuing my Master’s. I was working with an agency. And to be honest I was not happy at all. I needed a STABLE job. The agency helped in some way. I was able to connect and work with a few amazing companies. I gained some experiences and skills in the corporate world. However, they were never permanent and on top of that, they were not related to my field. Somehow I almost gave up, and somehow I managed to have the courage to fight to get where I wanted to be; of course with prayers. I couldn’t have done it on my own. I needed God’s presence.  Inviting the presence of the lord in your life is an important asset, it’s something so rich and irreplaceable. You will never perish, lack or fall behind. And one of many things that I have learned is that with God, there’s no such as fast timing and a straight path. There are multiple curves, spikes, and battles to defeat in order for you to get to your promising land. There’s disappointments, woes, agony, and so many temptations but he will be with you every step of the way. And if you are just PATIENT, focused, strong, and determined enough you will prosper. And so I prayed, battled, cried and poured my heart to the lord to open what’s closed. I am not going to lie sometimes my heartfelt too heavy to talk to God. Disappointments after disappointments but I kept my little faith and hope. I kept on pressing harder and harder. I did not just pray I worked for it day and night, submitting applications left and right. One can not just expect to pray for something and wait for the result to miraculously fall from heaven. It doesn’t just work that way. Good things don’t come easy, it takes time, patience, courage, dedication and hard work to be achieved.  And so I dedicated that time and was quite patient enough to get here. Today I am happy to announce that I am fully back, and I got a stable job. August 2018 will literally mark a year since I obtained this position. I am grateful to God. This job is stable enough to sustain me while pursuing my master’s. It’s definitely not a bed of roses; some days I want to give up and quit and some days I am motivated and strong. I am just not satisfied as of yet because I am not where I want to be. However, I know my purpose in life and I know God has more for me in stock; he’s not done with me as of yet. Therefore I will be patient and still to get to my promising land. I will be content with what he gave me in the meantime because I know it’s definitely not my last stop. I am not going to provide details about my Job but all I can say is that I am working with a wonderful attorney and I couldn’t thank him enough for believing in me to support him. Most of all I thank God.

IMG_7729        IMG_7728



IMG_7739Now let us get to the exciting parts of the post lol. For those who know me; knows that I love to decorate and of course I took that skill to work lol. My desk is all decorated and homelike. And of course, I will be sharing details on another post shortly after. So watch out for it and stay tuned.

And for the outfit details, I am wearing a Fashion Nova dress. You all know how Fashion  Nova took over. I wasn’t a Nova fan at all before because their clothes were too revealing and I am not the type that likes to reveal my assets like that.  However, they’ve worked on it. I am able to find very decent items on their site which I’m happy for. I mostly rely on their high waisted jeans. For the shoes, I am wearing Aldo which has sold out, unfortunately. But I have inserted a link down below for a similar shoe. Click on the details picture. Lastly, earrings from Zara which has also been sold out. Luckily for you guys, I was able to find the same pair on AliExpress for a much cheaper price (I am so upset lol). The link is inserted into the picture down below. And that wraps up this post.

FYI I am back posting constantly. I will be posting around 2pm Eastern Time (ET) every weekend. Thank you for sticking through and watch out for the next posts.







FASHIONNOVA (US) $32.99          Zara (US) Sold Out        Aldo (US) sold out







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