Hi there! So as mentioned in my last post; I cited that I was going to share a post about office decor ideas, as sharing is caring here’s the post!

Let me start by saying that I love to decorate. It mostly comes from my abilities to classify and organize things to my satisfaction. If something is not in place the way I expect it to be, I wouldn’t stop till it is. I can not stand disorganization or messiness. And I am never going to judge anyone that doesn’t share the same trait with me. Instead, I would rather help; because we all just do not have the same qualities.

Therefore, I thought it would be wise to share this post; so you can find inspiration to do the same and decorate your workspace if you have any. Whether it’s at home, or in a cubicle space.

IMG_7551Since I have my own workstation in the office; I’ve literally decorated it to my satisfaction. I made it home like. I made it comfortable enough to operate, concentrate and motivate myself each day.

When decorating, I always find myself performing these steps:

Step One (1): Stepping back and studying the space that I am working with.

Step Two (2): Using visual skills to visualize a picture of exactly how I want the space to look like in my head.

Step Three (3): Choosing a color pallet. In my case, it’s always neutral. Choose a color that you’ll love and be content with. Neutral colors of whites, tans, and grays are the perfect canvas for bright and bold accents.

Step Four (4): Choosing a style. My style is always modern and classy. Have a style in mind and pinpoint it. Browse all decorating posts online to have an idea. PINTEREST is also one of the best platforms to find style tips.

Step Five (5): Proceed to clear out space. Decluttering everything that’s not needed. This allows me to have space and have a better idea of what needs to be done.

Step Six (6): Writing down a list of items that I need to purchase to accomplish the look that I’ve pictured. This step is important because it allows you to organize what needs to be accomplished and cross out what’s already done. Also, it allows you to stay on top of things.

Step Seven (7): Last but not least the list. Go shopping. Depending on your budget, you should be able to research online and find stores to go to. For me, It’s always BURLINGTON and a little bit of KIRKLANDS. Also, it’s always a good idea to go to the store instead of online. Don’t get me wrong I adore shopping online. Matter of fact, I shop online 95% of the time. However, for decor, I rather take that trip to the store. Why? Simply because there is more of a variety to choose from.





Partial of these items such as the rose gold artificial potted flower; the picture frames; the jewelry box/holder (which I used to hold my office supplies); the pens holder; the marble mirror; the pineapple and my mug were all purchased in-store/ different location at Burlington Coat Factory. It is my all time favorite store to purchase decorative items. Things that you’ll find so expensive in other stores you’ll find it for a cheaper price at Burlington. Take your time and search, and thank me later. And the other partial items were purchased from AMAZON. The links are provided down below.

Also, FYI if you feel that you can’t do it on your own and you need help, I can definitely help with that. I have a newly growing business that provides decorative services for homes and offices for an affordable price. Feel free to contact me for inquiries. And if you have any questions drop it in the comment section.

Alright, guys that are it for this post. I hope you enjoyed it and picked one or two tips. Good luck!


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Photography by Orcia Kiss


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