Happy Sunday guys! I hope each and every one of you that is reading this post is doing so fine. Just last night I was in my room, drafting, thinking, and planning on things that I would want to accomplish in the next three years of my life.

Well, I know that my life is not my own. Anything can literally happen and those plans will not be fulfilled but God forbid that!! It is not my portion nor yours; in Jesus name.




Today I just wanted to talk about what we women really want. This topic can be very controversial however I am going to keep it short and simple.

Women are such amazing creatures, we are powerful, and mature from birth till death. We are very direct, unlike men. I like to say that we are simple yet hard to understand at times. The intricate part is nobody can really understand us rather than ourselves. fullsizeoutput_2a0fullsizeoutput_296


What do we really want? I believe if you ask around 99% will tell you, HAPPINESS, in many forms or ways. I like to say that happiness is a whole package. It involves so much. It literally is the common denominator of life. Why I say so because it involves wanting to be well off in life. I don’t know exactly what other women might say about being happy but here’s mine.

  • Spiritually connected. What I mean by that is having a good relationship with God and staying true and connected to him in all ways. There’s nothing else I want more than my soul to be saved.
  • Success. There are three (3) parts in my definition of being successful.
  1. Achieving my academic and career goals.
  2. Being financially stable.
  3. And finally having a family of my own. Talking about having a family; it breaks down to having a right partner; in other to have that happy home we all dream of. Who you choose to share your entire life with represents you and determine your success in life. When it came to choosing a partner; girl I had a list. He needs to be this, that, God-fearing, tall, dark, successful, blah blah blah. Really?. Sisters these lists are just ideal common qualities. That is what I’ve learned. Gentleman if you ask a woman what she wants in a man and she answers you by giving you a list; she ain’t ready. if you have the time to watch her grow and give her some time to woman up. Her time will come with experiences that will open her eyes wide enough to save her life lol. Before a woman has an idea of a quality she wants her man to have; she needs to learn about herself first. A woman needs to be able to learn about herself IN and OUT. She needs to be in LOVE with herself first before anybody else can love her. And that self-love and knowledge will surely quick in with experiences as she grows. Overtime for me with experience, I learned that I am very traditional, submissive and soft at heart. I didn’t really know that with experience it kicked in. I now know myself in and out. And I now have an idea of what I want in a man. When I see it; I’ll know. And if you ask me about it; I will simply say someone who’s manly. He needs to have all the strength in the world for both of us.  And what I mean by manly is simply giving him the power to be THE MAN in our relationship/marriage. As long as he allows me to be successful for who I am. And without him taking advantage of my meekness.
  • Rich. As long as I am healthy and have a great relationship with my parents, family, and friends. I consider myself rich.
  • Gratitude. Giving back and helping those that lack. One of my bucket lists is giving a large sum of money to an orphanage home. It’s something that I dreamt of ever since I was little. Overall as long as I’m giving back and helping someone in any way that I can then I am happy.


Let’s interact in the comment section. Tell me your definition of happiness?

That sums up today’s post. Thank you for stopping by and see you on my next post. Don’t forget to comment your answer down below.



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Photography by Rod Kissangoula


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