Hello everyone, how are we? I hope well. Presently, I am in my bedroom seated in my cozy lounge chair writing this post. There isn’t much to tell, I’ve just been occupied with school and work. It hasn’t been easy balancing them both but So far so great. In a nutshell, here’s what I wore to dinner Last Sunday at NOMO kitchen located in New York City. I had a great time. This place is known for its beautiful art. I discovered it through an Instagram post a months ago and noted the location in my explore wish list. There I was finally at the exact location. Aside from the gorgeous decor and art; I really did enjoy the food and the service. I would definitely go back for a “girls chit-chat” with my friends.

The dress is from Fashion Nova. However, I got it altered. It was originally short and plain at the bottom. When I first saw it online, I wanted it in my closet immediately but I was skeptical about purchasing it. I fell in love with the style so much but was disappointed at the shortness. I felt as if the dress was rushed and was missing something. So I came up with an idea to take it to my tailor to add some length and sassiness to the dress. I gave him instructions of what I wanted to be done and as you can see for yourself he delivered. I was so amazed at what he did. He brought my vision to life and now I love the dress even more. I received so many compliments left to right that day. And not to forget the shoes are from Aldo. Enjoy!



Photography by Rod Kissangoula




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